Sultans upbeat to make a mark in PSL

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Muhammad Asif Khan
KARACHI: The new entrant to the Pakistan Super League (PSL), Multan Sultans are fresh but upbeat to uproot the formidable outfits in the third edition of the competition.
Khizer Schon MD Multan Sultan
In an informal interaction with journalists here on Friday, the Managing Director of Multan Sultans, Khizer Schon shared the idea behind acquiring the most expensive outfit in the Pakistan Super League.
“The passion for cricket in Multan is unmatched and this is one of the reasons of buying this name. We have recently witnessed the enthusiasm, when record number of people turned up to watch an exhibition game,” Schon said
Multan Sultan meeting
“That was the biggest gathering in the history of the city”, Schon added
The MD said that the team is obviously new but had players to create impact from the onset.
“Under Wasim Akram, Sultans assembled a combination which can rattle any opposition. We are not here to just make our presence felt but to win the cup eventually”, Schon lightheartedly said
Journalists in Multan Sultan gathering 2
Highlighting their strategy for the region, Khizer Schon said it is a long-term roadmap which includes game development at every level.
“To begin with we will scout players from the area. Our focus will be on younger players to comprise junior outfits of Multan Sultans”, Schon said
“We also look forward to assembling women teams by holding events amongst local universities”, the MD said
In the end the Multan Sultans MD shared good news about their foreign players who, he said, are ready to tour Pakistan, if there team qualify for the final games.
Journalists in Multan Sultan gathering

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