Mobile Journalism and Social Media workshop for Journalists

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SJAS social media workshop
Karachi: A group photo after workshop at Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi

KARACHI: Sports Journalists Association of Sindh (SJAS) arranged a Workshop on ‘Mobile Journalism and Social Media’ its importance, in collaboration with Arts Council of Pakistan here the other day.
The workshop was attended by large number of sports journalists including SJAS members. Video attached here

Asif Khan deliviring lacture on Social Media
Karachi: Muhammad Asif Khan highlighted importance of social media for news.

Senior journalists, Asif Khan, Faizan Lakhani, Mehmood Riaz and Ubaid Awan, work with news channels, gave a detail briefing on Mobile Journalism.
Senior journalists while highlighted the use mobile phones during reporting, said during making of mobile video, the most important thing is how to hold it, being a professional journalist.

Faizan Lakhani on use of mobile phone
Karachi: Mr Faizan Lakhani delivered lecture how to use mobile in field to make footage and how to edit it for news.

Choosing a good mobile for personal use with different features including developing, editing, formatting, message sending, storage apps plays the role of a newsroom in your own hand.
On the occasion, former member of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Governing Board and ex-President of Karachi City Cricket Association (KCCA), Ejaz Farooqui said that the assistance of the journalists is to be consistent with modern technology.
SJAS has set an example for other journalists’ associations by organizing such type of workshops, he added.

Ubaid Awan highlighted use of mobile phone and social media for reporting
Karachi: Mr Ubaid Awan highlighted role of social media and citizen journalism

Tariq Aslam, SJAS President said that mobile phone has become the most important tool for improving journalism and reporting.
The aim of the workshop is to maintain the continuity of learning and teaching process, Tariq opined.

Mehmood Riaz delivering lacture on mobile journalism
Karachi: Mr Mehmood Riaz delivered his lecture about social media

Muhammad Asghar Azeem, Secretary SJAS said while delivering his speech said that today the mobile phone is been assisting in almost every sector of our society as civilians recoding on the spot videos have helped in apprehending lots of criminals and one can imagine what a journalist can do with it.

Ubaid Awan receiving certificate
Karachi: Mr Ubaid Awan receiving certificate after workshop from Prof. Ijaz Ahmed Farooqui (Sec. Arts Council)

Mobile journalism is no threat to cameraman but can be compatible with the modern requirements of journalism.
Cameraman can also switch to mobile journalism so that in the world, he would be called video journalists instead of Cameraman, Secretary SJAS concluded.
Later, Professor Ejaz Farooqui distributed certificates to the participants.

Partcipant of the SJAS workshop
Karachi: A view of workshop participants
Tariq Aslam and Asghar Azeem
Karachi: SJAS President Tariq Aslam and Secretary Asghar Azeem receiving their certificates.


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