Uganda Cricket Association says has learnt lesson

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Karachi: After the debacle at the Afro T20 League, earlier this month, the Uganda Cricket Association (UCA) has said that they had learnt a lesson and would put up a better show next time around.

The chief executive officer of the Uganda Cricket Association (UCA), Justin Ligyalingi, in a video message, said that the UCA was approached by four promoters to stage a T20 league.

Uganda cricketStatement of head of Uganada cricket is here

“The UCA was only asked to provide ground, local players and permission from ICC. The no-objection-certificates from foreign players’ home boards and other financial matters were to be taken care of by the promoters”, Justin Ligyalingi said

“The UCA fulfilled its commitment but the promoters failed to live up to their pledge which resulted in the premature culmination of the Afro T20 league”, Justin Ligyalingi added

The UCA chief was of the opinion that they were in touch with the ICC and relevant cricket boards to clear the smoke and also striving to get the players compensated.

“We have sent letters to ICC and relevant cricket boards to explain them about circumstances surrounded this tournament and where the fault lied”, Ligyalingi said

“The UCA is trying to peruse through certain authorities to ensure that promoters meet their financial obligations to players”, UCA chief executive emphasised

A T20 cricket tournament in Uganda, Afro T20, concluded prematurely when about two dozen Pakistan players boycotted the event for non-payment.

Saeed Ajmal, Imran Khan, Yasir Hameed, Hasan Raza, Mohammad Khalil and other Pakistan players were in Uganda to participate in the Afro T20 league.

One of the four organisers of the Afro T20 is from Uganda while the rest are from India, Australia and Kenya.

“It was a learning curve for us as well and we will surely do a much better job next time around”, Ligyalingi concluded.

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