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Sharjah, United Arab Emirates – Even as the iconic Sharjah stadium prepares to write another page in its unique cricketing history by playing host to the first ever T10 tournament with international players, the directors of the League and co-directors for the Sri Lankan team have come out to bat strongly for this exciting format.

Both Vijay Vyas and Kashif Rijas Shahzad have made it unequivocally clear that this is a very serious tournament and not one to be taken lightly.T10 League Directors with T10 Chairman Shaji Ul Mulk

Come December 14 the gauntlet will be thrown on the field of play in no uncertain terms. Every player will be out there intent on doing his best and ensuring his team comes out on top. The success of this inaugural venture will not only set the standard for the world of cricket but also establish it as a viable new dimension to the game, bringing it in line with other sports that are completed in ninety hi octane minutes.

“There might exist in some quarters the fallacy that we are all here to have a little fun and enjoy the experiment. Nothing could be farther from the truth. This is not an experiment. A great deal of thought has gone into it and the research has shown we are on the right track,” said Vyas.

“These are top grade professional players and all six teams are going to perform on the razor’s edge of competition. This is the future of the sport and the fans will throng to the venue for every match. In fact, we have already begun to work on the next year’s tournament,” he added.
His contention is that Sri Lanka is a nation that takes its cricket very seriously. It would not be sending a team with national status if it thought for one moment that this was a mere spectacle.


Kashif Rijas reiterated that the same sort of early misgivings were heard when the T20 was introduced.

“Now, just see where that has gone…today Sharjah…tomorrow who knows…maybe even the Olympics,” he stated.

“The recent truncated T20 over 8 overs between India and New Zealand is a case in point. The wickets tumbled, runs were made, the fielding was exemplary and the 16 overs were filled with suspense and tension. Every game at Sharjah will be pulsating. No one is going to walk away until the last ball is bowled. It gives the phrase ‘the uncertainty of cricket glorious cricket” a new meaning.”

He expressed his thanks to the farsightedness of the inspiration behind the format, the T10 Chairman Shaji Ul Mulk and his unwavering commitment to the format and the support.

“To add to the excitement the pitch in this venue has a low bounce in the cooler months and this will help the batsmen. As they say the Sharjah magic will endure. This is so much in keeping with the UAE’s reputation for being at the spearhead of innovative ideas so what better place to set the T10 ball rolling.”

Expressing his delight at being a director of the first national team to play a T10 Vyas said, “The formula is a surefire winner. In the Subcontinent, we play ‘gully’ cricket and enjoy the thrill of it. This has the same speed and fervor and is just a refined version of it at the highest level.”

“In this digital age time is of the essence and fans will enjoy the quick pace, the instant nature of making decisions and the use of new tactics and strategies. It is a game where a dot ball is a black point for the batsmen.  I am confident that come December all roads will lead to the Sharjah stadium,” concluded Kashif Rijas.


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