British Athlete Robbed at Olympics, Officials Say

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A British athlete was robbed in Rio during the Olympics, according to officials.

‘We can confirm there has been an incident of theft involving a Team GB athlete returning to their accommodation. All members of our delegation, including the individual concerned, are accounted for, and are safe and well,” Scott Field, a spokesman for Team GB, said in a statement to NBC News Thursday.

No other details were provided.

The Guardian newspaper reported the unnamed athlete was robbed at gunpoint. NBC News has not confirmed the report. Team GB would not comment on the report.

Ryan Lochte to Matt Lauer on alleged robbery: ‘We wouldn’t make this up’ 1:50


The news comes amid a separate robbery investigation involving three U.S. swimmers. Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte told TODAY they were approached by two robbers with guns dressed as police officers as they returned to the Olympic Village after a night out over the weekend.

But the Americans’ claim has been met with skepticism after differing versions of their story emerged, with Lochte at one point alleging the gun was put against his head and another time claiming it was just pointed in his direction. A Brazilian judge said Lochte also told officials there was only one robber.

Lochte has already returned to the U.S. On Wednesday, Brazilian authorities removed swimmers Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger from a plane and confiscated their passports.

The State Department is monitoring the situation and said in a statement, “We stand ready to provide all appropriate consular assistance.”


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