Ban recommended on Pakistan’s Ex Olympian Rana Mujahid Ali

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Lahore, Pakistan – Punjab Hockey Association (PHA) General Council Meeting held on recently and unanimously decided the points mentioned below. The recommendations have been forwarded to PHF for implementation.
1.      Ban imposed by the POA – copy attached – (till 2023) on Rana Mujahid Ali for 10 years be complied immediately.
2.      His representation for the PHA and PHF from Faisalabad be immediately withdrawn.
3.      It was unanimously resolved that a letter should be written to the Anti-Corruption Department of Punjab and NAB Punjab for the inquiry and audit of PHA during his tenure as Secretary of PHA.
4.      Furthermore, his nomination for Asian Hockey Federation and any other quarter (if any) should immediately be withdrawn by the PHF. A concrete inquiry should be conducted against Rana Mujahid Ali for the misuse of funds of PHA/PHF/POA and any other sources and sponsorships during his tenures.
 The PHA General Council has also decided that the representation of Rana Mujahid Ali from Faisalabad has been withdrawn forthwith as a representative (REP) for PHA & PHF.

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