Cricket:ICC-USACA stalemate deepens

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Fort Lauderhill, FLORIDA: The ongoing impasse between the International Cricket Council (ICC) and the USA Cricket Association (USACA) has taken another twist as the USACA doesn’t want to leave its ground. In the recent meeting the ICC extended the sanctions imposed on the USACA for another year and meanwhile approved the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) games followed by a series of T20 international matches between India and the West Indies at the Fort Lauderhill stadium in Florida on August 26 and 27.

The USACA, which claims to be the ‘legitimate’ body to govern cricketing affairs in the USA, is not thrilled at the recent measures by the ICC. The President of USACA, Gladstone Dainty is of the opinion that sanctioning events without taking the USACA into confidence was not an appropriate way adopted by the ICC.  “The USACA welcomes the T20 matches between India and West Indies however it does not agree with the ICC’s current position on the sanctioning procedure, nor does the USACA agrees that the ICC board could unilaterally change the process, negotiated by the ICC and USACA a year ago”, Gladstone Dainty said in a statement.

Since the USACA was suspended in June 2015, the ICC has sanctioned three events – three Cricket All Star series games in November 2015, six CPL Games in July 2016, and now two West Indies India T20 games which will be played later this month.

“The USACA may be suspended from membership in the ICC but it remains the only national and nationally elected governing body for cricket within the United States”, Dainty maintained

Gladstone Dainty also maintained that the revenue, generated from the three events, was ‘rightfully’ belonged to the USACA. “The USACA expects the ICC to deposit the money received from these games in escrow, until the sanctioning dispute is resolved. It is our expectation that this money would be used for the development of amateur cricket in the USA, which has been our mission since we were established in 1965”, Dainty said

The USACA president also negated the impression that they were against the upcoming T20 game, added that the USACA board passed a resolution, sanctioning the games at a board meeting on August 4, 2016.


“The USACA is working with the ICC to help resolve the current stalemate, while maintaining its rights as the National Governing Body for cricket in the USA”, Dainty concluded

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