Cricket fan nods off during match and spectators deicide to pile garbage on top of his head as punishment

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Manchester, England, July 27th 2016- These fans really know how to pile it on.

While England squared off against Pakistan in a cricket match on Sunday, a fan fell asleep in the stands and everyone decided that wasn’t acceptable.

Spectators took turns stacking cups, food baskets and even a hat on top of the man’s bald head.

Cricket matches can last quite a while and it looks like it cut into this fan’s nap time. However, for those around him, he may have created more entertainment than the lopsided match.

Naturally fans broke out their smartphones to capture the moment. TV cameras also caught the ribbing as commentators couldn’t help but laugh.

“Don’t worry mate, you got away with it. No one’s seen it,” one of the announcers said. “Wakey, wakey.”

The pile on the man’s head got pretty high until one fan came over to put a red snow hat on top. When he dropped it on, the pile collapsed and fell down, ruining the fun.

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