Najam Sethi in London to meet PM Nawaz?

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Staff Reporter

Lahore, Pakistan 5th July 2016: After the chairman, Sheharyar Khan, the head of the PCB executive committee, Najam Sethi is also in London and it is speculated that he might call on the Prime Minister – the patron in chief of the PCB – as well, however a well placed source in the PCB outrightly dismissed the possibility of a meeting between Najam Sethi and Nawaz Sharif. “He (Sethi) is in London with family on a private visit, not to meet the prime minister or any other politician”, the source said

“He is staying with a relative and also doing his TV programme via Skype. Sethi is schedule to return to Lahore this Sunday”, the source added

Earlier, it was reported that the PCB chairman Sheharyar Khan got a nod to continue from the prime minister after he met with him in London a few days back.

It has been a longstanding speculation, mentioned by former coach Waqar Younis in his report as well, that Sheharyar Khan and Najam Sethi were in tug of war for the lead role in board’s affairs.


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